13 TV questions for your online pub quiz

Jeff Hardy begged WWE for help with drug and alcohol addiction before overcoming personal demonsPut all that time in front of the telly to good use (Picture: PA)

Virtual pub quizzes have become all the rage since the coronavirus lockdown started, what with video calls being pretty much the only way we can see most of our friends and family.

With the dizzying amount of invites to quizzes that so many of us have been fielding over the last couple of weeks in mind, it would be little wonder if you’ve run out of question inspiration for the next one in your calendar.

Regardless of why you’re after putting some questions together, here is a list of TV-related trivia for you to quiz your buddies with.

TV questions for your pub quiz

Q: At the venue this show is set in, ‘everybody knows your name, and they’re always glad you came’.A: Cheers

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Q: What is the title of episode one of Game of Throne?A: Winter Is Coming

Q: What year did Friends start?A: 1994

Q: ‘The Carlton Dance’ originated in which show?A: The Fresh Prince of Bel Air

Q: What year was the first series of X Factor?A: 2004

Q: When The Sopranos first start airing?A: 1999

Q: What is Fleabag’s main occupation in the show of the same name?A: She owns a guinea pig cafe

Jeff Hardy begged WWE for help with drug and alcohol addiction before overcoming personal demonsWhat did this character do for a living (Picture: BBC/Two Brothers/Luke Varley)

Q: BBC Three’s Normal People is based on a book by which author?A: Sally Rooney

Q: What city is The Wire set in?A: Baltimore

Q: What state did ‘Tiger King’ Joe Exotic run to be governor of?A: Oklahoma

Q: Which comedian narrates reality series Love Island?A: Iain Stirling

Q: Who played Inspector Morse? A: John Thaw

Q: What is Postman Pat’s last name?A: Clifton

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