14 Amazing Ways Coconut Oil Can Help You

Health and beauty bloggers have almost become a meme of themselves thanks to their often times off the wall suggestions. One of the most recent ‘fads’ we’ve seen rolling through the blogosphere of late has been coconut oil. Coconut oil has been used for centuries in a number of different ways yet it only seems now that people are starting to catch on. We decided to pull together 14 ways that coconut oil can be added into a regime to change your life! A little dramatic? Sure, but still — these coconut oil tips will help out!

Smooth Shaving Cream.

You can use coconut oil in almost a million different ways, we’re sure that isn’t hyperbolic, so we’ll kick our list off with a simple one: as a shaving cream. People who are looking for a simple and easy to make home alternative to shaving cream, there may be no better alternative than coconut oil! Buy your favorite container of coconut oil from the supermarket and take it home. Pop it open wherever you plan on shaving and then apply the viscous liquid to wherever you are going to shave. Once the coconut oil contacts your skin it will start to liquefy, thus allowing you to apply evenly. You’ll feel fresh and your legs will look better than ever.

Smooth Shaving Cream

Facial Exfoliate

What’s the point in using an all natural oil if you can’t lather your face with it? As it turns out someone out there decided to try coconut oil as a facial exfoliate and we are glad they did. If you struggle with dry or flaky skin then you are probably used to spending a ton of cash on expensive, chemical laden moisturizers. Let coconut oil be your all natural alternative. Merely take about a nickels’ worth of coconut oil and lather it in your palms before applying it in circular motions across your face. Take a warm and wet washcloth and slowly scrub the oil off of your face. One you are done you will feel tingly and look even better!

Facial Exfoliate

Acne Remover

If human beings can’t agree on everything we come pretty close on the topic of disliking acne. Acne is a problem that chases many people throughout their life, from the beginning dregs of puberty all the way to adulthood. Like us, you probably don’t particularly enjoy having the acne and would love to get rid of it. Adding oil to your face is typically ill considered when trying to clean your skin, but coconut oil is in a league of its own. Coconut oil is filled with special fatty acids that are anti-inflammatory which help in the closing up of wounds on your face, including acne scars. Coconut oil also is filled with lauric acid which fights the kind of bacteria that contributes to the production of acne.

Acne Remover

Makeup Remover

If you are hanging around for easy breakfast ideas that utilize coconut oil then you had probably keep on browsing as we are focused on beauty right now. Anybody who has ever had make up before knows how difficult the stuff can be to get off and how harsh some of the makeup removing chemicals can be. You can opt instead to use all natural coconut oil to get your makeup off of your face in an instant. The upside of coconut oil versus chemical removers is that you will be left with an all natural smell rather than that nasty, sort of gross chemical residue.

Makeup Remover

Organic Deodorant

Let’s face it, the dog days of summer can do some major damage to your attempts at staying odor neutral. Many people hate the idea of lathering on chemical laden, aluminum-filled deodorant and desperately want their own all natural option. Coconut oil, as it turns out, can be perfect for managing your odor. You can find several different all natural recipes that utilize coconut oil and shea butter to create a solid, nice smelling deodorant. We won’t list the options here, or any coconut breakfast shakes if you are still here for them, but you can resort to your favorite search engine to find them later!

Organic Deodorant

Body Lotion

Are you getting tired of hearing about all of these natural, organic and healthy coconut oil uses? Yeah, we didn’t think so! Next up we are going to talk about how coconut oil can be a great option as an organic body lotion. You can make a variety of different lotion blends with coconut oil as your base but you don’t even have to make a habit of mixing it. You can go straight from the jar to your body with your favorite coconut oil without any in between steps. Get to it, your body will thank you!

Body Lotion

Dandruff Destroyer

Some people are seemingly afflicted with dandruff much worse than others, no matter how much they do to fight it. Dandruff isn’t something you want to be caught with and so we applaud you looking for creative ways to address it. Coconut oil, as you can tell by its inclusion on this list, is perfect for helping to keep dandruff at bay. Coconut oil is particularly useful for people who already have dry and damaged hair as it will help put some moisture in it. If you have naturally oily hair then you might want to consider skipping this suggestion.


Sunburn Treatment

Sunburn is pretty much the perfect reminder as to how we just can’t have nice things. Even enjoying a nice day out in the sun, forgetting to apply sunscreen once, will ruin your skin for a week. However, if you just so happen to have coconut oil at hand you can treat your sunburns in short order. Coconut oil is a natural moisturizer and it does wonders in repairing damage skin, so it’s easy to see how lathering your sunburn with coconut oil can be a winning strategy.


Eyebrow Treatment

We won’t dare to use the word ‘fleek’ in reference to eyebrows, but if you want to keep those pretty little hairs looking on top of their game then consider adding coconut oil to your beauty regime. If you want to skip out on using brow gel, ladies we are looking at you, then add just a bit of coconut oil instead. Coconut oil smells good, looks good, and even promotes renewed hair growth in case you got a little overbearing with the tweezers.


Foundation Base

Makeup is Heaven sent during those rough weeks where your skin just doesn’t look great. If you want to maximize your foundation and moisturizer game then you owe it to yourself to add a little bit of coconut oil in there as well. Coconut oil can be used as a basis for your foundation or moisturizer and all you need is about a dimes worth of the material. Apply your dime sized bit of coconut oil to your face and gently rub it in. Next up you can add your foundation and revel in how much better it looks!


Makeup Brush Cleaner

Anything that is going to be touching your face at a semi-regular interval should be kept as clean as possible, as often as possible. So when it comes to keeping your makeup brushes clean you want to be as strict as possible! An all natural way to keep your makeup brushes clean is to mix up some coconut oil and all natural lemon. Let your brushes soak in the liquid mixture for a moment before rinsing them off under hot water. You’ll see the makeup simply melt away from your brushes. Let the makeup brushes dry before you try and use them, though — air drying, preferably.


Full Body Scrub

We’ve talked about using coconut oil as a facial scrub and a body lotion but you can also use it as a full body exfoliate. The best way to make your own coconut oil based scrub is to mix it 1 for 2 with salt or brown sugar. First you’ll want to put your coconut oil on low heat in a little pot. After the oil has warmed you will then add either your sugar or salt, stirring it in. You don’t want to let the sugar or salt completely melt down but you’ll still want it on low heat for a few minutes. Once you are done you obviously need to let it cool before applying in the or after the shower.


Fighting Infections

Coconut oil is so much more than just a beauty supplement for your aesthetic routine. Coconut oil can also be used as a medical accessory to fight infections in your skin. We’ve talked about the anti inflammatory fatty acids in coconut oil and those will be what targets the nasty stuff brewing on your wounds. If you have an ear infection merely add a few drops to your ear and enjoy the relief!

Fighting Infections

Sooth Body Rashes

If you suffer from eczema or any other type of rash then you know how important relief can be. There are countless harmful medications on the market that may or may not help, but coconut oil is the route we’d take. Using fractionated coconut oil, or simply titled pure coconut oil, is the best way to attack the rash as it harms you.


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