14 Eurovision questions for your online pub quiz

Where do you know the cast of Netflix’s Hollywood from?Eurovision would have been in Rotterdam this year (Picture: Robin Utrecht/REX)

It seems we can barely go a day without getting invited to another virtual pub quiz, what with the coronavirus lockdown continuing to drive the popularity of virtual hangouts.

With so many quizzes going on up and down the country, we wouldn’t blame you for needing a bit of help getting enough questions together for your next one.

If you’re looking for a little quizpiration, then look no further, because we’ve put together the perfect questions for any Eurovision enthusiast.

Eurovision questions for your next pub quiz

Q: Which countries won in 1969 in a four-way tie?A: France, Netherlands, Spain and the United Kingdom

Q: What song did ABBA perform when they won Eurovision in 1974?A: Waterloo

Q: Which nation won and hosted the first-ever Eurovision song competition in 1956?A: Switzerland

Q: How many times has Johnny Logan performed and won for Ireland?A: 2 – he’s the only person to have won Eurovision more than once

Q: How old do you have to be to perform?A: Participants need to be 16 at the time the competition takes place

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Q: What country did Celine Dion perform for when she won Eurovision in 1988A: Switzerland

Q: Which EastEnders star performed for the UK in 1991?A: Samantha Womack

Q: What year did Finnish band Lordi win, becoming the first hard rock band ever to do so?A: 2006

Q: Who is the famous daughter of Malena Ernman, the Swedish opera singer who performed at Eurovision in 2009?A: Greta Thunberg

Q: What’s the name of the puppet Ireland entered into the competition in 2008?A: Dustin the Turkey

Q: What item of clothing was ripped off the female members of Bucks Fizz in the middle of their performance in 1981?A: Their skirts

Q: What is the longest a Eurovision song can go on for?A: 3 minutes

Q: Who performed the UK’s first winning Eurovision song?A: Sandie Shaw

Q: How many times has the UK come last on the scoreboards?A: Four

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