BTS’s RM cries when he listens to Spring Day because he misses the ARMY

Britain’s Got Talent: David Walliams arrives at auditions with a very unique Simon Cowell tribute: ‘He’s giving me a lift to work’BTS had to postpone their tour (Picture: Cindy Ord/WireImage)

We’re sure the ARMY is really missing BTS, after their tour and activities were postponed due to coronavirus.

But if it helps, RM feels the same way… or it may break your heart instead.

BTS leader Namjoon has ARMYs in their feelings after admitting that the lyrics of Spring Day have been getting to him.

Suga and RM held a V Live session to reconnect with fans and let everybody know what the band are doing, now that their travelling and touring has been halted due to the global pandemic.

And while ARMYs were delighted to hear from the boys, it was a bit of gut punch to hear RM say that he can’t help but cry when he listens to Spring Day, because he misses the ARMY so much.

The English translated lyrics to Spring Day include: ‘I miss you/ How long do I have to wait and how many sleepless nights to see you.’

So it’s safe to say that fans are feeling rather emotional right now:

namjoon said he doesnt just miss us,,, its to the point where he cries when he listens to spring day…….my heart broke

— ⁷ (@SE0KJINSTARS) May 2, 2020

Namjoon cries whenever he listens to Spring Day latelyguys… this meme is literally Joonie

— Armina⁷ (@gucciboysbts) May 2, 2020


— lea⁷ (@seokjinbit) May 2, 2020

namjoon cried…..whilst listening to spring day…….bc he misses armys….. my heart is broken

— ً lani⁷ PROD. SUGA (@moonchildpjms) May 2, 2020

namjoon cries when listening to spring day,,,felt

— fantastic neen⁷ (@ninaeyu) May 2, 2020

namjoon really said that he misses us to the point of crying when he listens to spring day…no one touch me…it’s just now that I’ve reached peak

— cherry⁷ (@aengelicbts) May 2, 2020

Elsewhere on the V Live, though, things were a bit more upbeat, as the boys explained that Jimin is ‘doing everything’ and is constantly singing in the studio.

We stan a hard worker.

The pair discussed Suga’s upcoming feature on IU’s Eight, with RM saying: ‘I’ve heard it! It’s really good. It’s a song to listen to while driving. I don’t have my driver’s license, but as soon as I heard it, I thought it was a perfect driving song. I think that many people will listen to it for a long time.’

Suga said: ‘The production process was very smooth so there wasn’t a lot of back-and-forth. I wrote the beat and the melody came quickly after that. After I finished working on it, I listened to it a lot.

‘After I finish working on a song, after it’s released, I don’t usually listen to it. Because I can only hear the things that I wish I could do better. The moment it leaves my hands, I think the song belongs to the listeners.

The stars also recommended the books they were reading (Namjoon suggested Map Of The Soul and Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson while Suga was reading Freud’s The Interpretation of Dreams), and RM nicknamed Jin the ‘strawberry captain’ – therefore we will now all address Jin as the strawberry captain.

BTS are back home in South Korea, which was originally one of the Covid-19 hotspots earlier in the outbreak.

However, the success of a massive testing campaign and tracing infections has meant that on 30 April, the country marked its first day since February with no locally transmitted cases of the virus.

Britain’s Got Talent: David Walliams arrives at auditions with a very unique Simon Cowell tribute: ‘He’s giving me a lift to work’Suga and RM treated us to a V Live (Picture: V Live)

Despite South Korea slowly getting back to normal, BTS were forced to postpone their world tour, which would have seen them visiting the US, Europe and Japan this summer.

A statement from Live Nation said: ‘Unfortunately, due to the ongoing government advisories on mass gatherings, BTS Map Of The Soul Tour – Europe has been postponed.

‘Our highest priority remains the safety of our artists and fans as well as the global community.’

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A further statement from Big Hit Entertainment said: ‘Due to the nature of BTS concerts involving travel by thousands of international fans no matter where the performances are held, it is also difficult to resume the tour with the current strict restrictions on cross-border movement still in place.

‘Moreover it is impossible at this time to predict when the first performance marking the start of the tour will be able to begin.

‘Therefore we have made the difficult decision to suspend the previously-announced tour schedule and develop a new schedule.’

The band – RM, Suga, Jin, Jimin, Jungkook, J-Hope and V – are using the free time to work on their next album, the follow up to Map Of The Soul: 7.

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