Eminem shares phone number and invites Stans to text him as he celebrates 20th anniversary of Marshall Mathers LP

Eminem has encouraged fans to text him (Picture: Matt Baron/REX)

Eminem is in the mood to tease the lot of us, as he celebrated the 20th anniversary of The Marshall Mathers LP, by sharing a phone number and telling fans to text him.

While we’re sure it’s hardly Em’s real digits, everyone’s ears have pricked up at the chance to have a chat with Marshall Mathers himself.

Sharing a clip of his hit Stan, released in 2000 and featuring Dido right on the cusp of her Thank You fame, Em sent fans into a spin with the message.

He captioned the clip, riffing on the lyrics to the song: ‘”Dear Stan, I meant to write you sooner, but I just been busy”

‘text me, ill hit you back – ☎️ 313-666-7440 #MMLP20 #DearSlim Link in bio.’

The aforementioned link in bio took punters through to a static page designed like the contact page on an iPhone, with Eminem’s face there looking pretty and the number sitting even prettier underneath.


He’d earlier teased linking up with fans in a post two days ago, as he wrote: “I used to give a f**k / now I could give a f**k less”

‘Stan drop, Listening Party and I got a new number ☎️ – hit the site for more info on the 20th Anniversary of The Marshall Mathers LP – link in bio.’

Ok, so, we have a listening party – that’s pretty exciting, even if Em isn’t picking up the phone when we call right now.

Fans who were game enough to give the number a go said it was a ‘cheap marketing ploy’ for more info on an upcoming listening party, but for the others it was just a chance to remember the great tunes that came from the artist in 2000.

Others who weren’t able to send a message due to international restrictions put their own spin on the iconic lyrics, with one writing: ‘Dear Marshall, I texted but you still ain’t texting back,

‘Probably coz I’m out of the USA…No fair…🤦🏻♀️

‘Please for all of us fix that…Hit me back just to chat, Truly yours…’

It seems the rapper is planning something pretty special for the milestone anniversary of his third album release, which ruled the Billboard 200 for eight weeks when it dropped, and also sports the banger The Real Slim Shady.

When it comes to Stan, the tune not only catapulted Dido’s career, but also brought us a brand new word in which to describe fans.

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Eminem shares phone number and invites Stans to text him

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We can thank Eminem for that with even the Oxford English dictionary recognising him as the rightful originator of ‘stan’, with the term coming to describe an ‘overzealous fan of a celebrity’.

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