Joe Lycett has genius response as Great British Sewing Bee is criticised for becoming too racy

Blind Date ‘probably’ axed after three years, admits Channel 5 bossJoe Lycett had an amazing response (Picture: BBC)

The Great British Sewing Bee isn’t exactly the most scandalous show on TV, but it’s still faced criticism from a couple of viewers who have argued that it’s becoming too racy.

Yep, seriously.

Luckily, host Joe Lycett had a genius response to those getting a little worked up about all the innuendos used on the show.

Tweeting a photo of a report telling him there had been ’10 contacts (six complaints and four comments)’ about the show, he wrote: ‘I appreciate the feedback.

‘I try not to do innuendo but it’s so hard. It’s really so hard. Omg it’s getting harder.’

Naturally, that only encouraged his fellow comedians and fans, who were quick to share their thoughts on the matter.

I appreciate the feedback. I try not to do innuendo but it’s so hard. It’s really so hard. Omg it’s getting harder.

— Joe Lycett (@joelycett) May 1, 2020

Aisling Bea commented: ‘So glad to see you coming to grips with it Joey, even when it is so hard.’

‘I can’t believe this!’ one fan told him. ‘You put your all into something just to give pleasure, and people start to moan and groan over your exhausting efforts.’

One more weighed in by saying: ‘I think they resent you constantly ramming it down their throats.’

Well then.

Blind Date ‘probably’ axed after three years, admits Channel 5 bossJoe Lycett, Esme Young, and Patrick Grant star on the BBC show (Picture: BBC)

The popular sewing competition, which was originally broadcast on BBC Two, sees amateur sewers compete to be named ‘Britain’s best home sewer’, while having their skills critiqued by a judging panel Esme Young and Patrick Grant.

Host Joe, who took over from Claudia Winkleman in 2019, is back again for this year’s series, with the contestants who all hope to become the next sewing champion.

Elsewhere, Joe recently switched his name back from Hugo Boss, after changing it by deed poll.

Blind Date ‘probably’ axed after three years, admits Channel 5 bossJoe recently changed his name back from Hugo Boss (Picture: Getty Images)

In a statement made on Twitter, he wrote: ‘A little over a month ago I changed my name by deed poll to Hugo Boss. This was to raise awareness about the fact that fashion behemoth Hugo Boss have issued cease and desist letters to small businesses that have the word ‘Boss’ in their name, including independent Swansea brewery, Boss Brewing.

‘And raise awareness it did – it became world news with headlines across the globe and also Dick n Dom from da Bungalow said I should be knighted.’

On why he decided to return to the House of Lycett, Joe continued: ‘Hugo Boss released a statement saying they “welcome the comedian formerly known as Joe Lycett to the Hugo Boss family.”

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What time is The Great British Sewing Bee on BBC One tonight and how many series have ther

‘Well I have decided to go back to the Lycetts. They don’t target small businesses, if you ignore the time mum posted a dump to the local florist.’

‘It’s time for me to return to Joe Lycett. In tomorrow’s episode me and my team secure one of the biggest financial victories ever seen on a consumer TV show,’ the star added.

‘It is worth millions. It would be wrong for the company Hugo Boss to in any way take claim of this victory, or indeed many other victories across the series.’

The Great British Sewing Bee continues on Wednesday at 9pm on BBC One.

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