Justin Timberlake recreates iconic ‘It’s Gonna Be May’ meme with coronavirus edition

Everyone’s favourite ‘It’s Gonna Be May’ meme is back (Picture: Twitter)

As the daffodils bloom and the cherry trees blossom, the onset of spring signals a very important moment in internet history – ‘It’s Gonna Be May Day’.

To the uninitiated, it’s when memesters of the world unite to celebrate the moment Justin Timberlake pronounced ‘me’ with such an intense twang that it came out ‘May’ in an NSYNC song.

That’s right, everyone’s favourite Mickey Mouse star sang ‘It’s gonna be ME’ with such force in the boy band’s 2000 smash hit It’s Gonna Be Me that it became a viral sensation.

Every year (since 2012) on April 30, the gifs come out and the memes begin.

Don’t feel sorry for JT though – he celebrates it too.

Coronavirus latest news and updates

This year, the 39-year-old incorporated a coronavirus theme by sharing a snap of himself looking all curly-headed and Noughties while wearing a protective face mask.

Naturally, the iconic words, ‘IT’S GONNA BE MAY,’ emblazon the meme.

Spring Summer 2020. Thanks for this, Internet. pic.twitter.com/I3mdWPTjiN

— Justin Timberlake (@jtimberlake) May 1, 2020

He captioned it: ‘Spring Summer 2020. Thanks for this, Internet.’

It’s such a thing that even Barack Obama got involved.

Back in 2014, Mr President himself posted a snap of himself and Justin on Facebook on April 30 with those sacred words – and racked up a cool half a million likes.

Oh, to be a White House-endorsed viral sensation… one day.

Justin shed some light on his pronunciation of the lyric himself once, insisting he was directed to say ‘me’ as ‘May’ by pop producer Max Martin.

Everybody… It is ACTUALLY GONNA BE MAY!#canyoumemeyourself
Probably not, right?

— Justin Timberlake (@jtimberlake) April 29, 2016

Hey guys… it’s May.

— Justin Timberlake (@jtimberlake) May 1, 2017

Wait for it 😂l https://t.co/TjSECg4q0x

— Justin Timberlake (@jtimberlake) April 30, 2018

He told Capital FM: ‘I will say, in my defense, Max Martin made me sing “me” that way. I think he just wanted me to sound like I was from Tennessee.’

‘I just want to throw Max Martin on the chopping block for that one. But thank you Max, because we have the meme of the century.

Justin’s taken away many things from NSYNC it turns out, including the inspiration for that glorious SNL skit D**k In A Box.

It’s gonna be May.

Geplaatst door Barack Obama op Woensdag 30 april 2014

Britney recently gave a shout-out to her Noughties ex and it was brilliant (Picture: Getty)

Back in 2006, the singer and Andy Samberg sang about their genitalia being in a popcorn box for a music video.

And Justin realised they’d based their characters on a group very close to home, telling Hot Ones: ‘We were, like, “What if we came up with, like, a duo of guys who are still stuck in a time and a certain style with, like, the silk suits and the herringbone chains and the well and meticulously sculpted facial hair…

‘Am I describing NSYNC? This is weird. I just realized that we took so much from those groups. Holy s**t.”‘

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And in the spirit of even MORE nostalgia, the Friends With Benefits actor had a little internet dalliance with his Noughties girlfriend Britney Spears earlier this month which, basically, was the highlight of our lives.

Brit – who dated Justin from 1999 till 2002 – shared a video of herself dancing to her ex’s song Filthy and called him a ‘genius’.

Justin responded with a slew of laughing face and high-five emojis and honestly, we couldn’t want for more.

The Noughties were a better time, weren’t they?!

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