Silent Hill is officially back… as DLC for Dead By Daylight

Rumours about a new Silent Hill continue to rumble around the internet but Pyramid Head isn’t waiting for his own game to make a comeback.

Despite Konami denying everything it still seems extremely likely that a new Silent Hill remake or reboot will be announced sometime this year, given the sheer number of rumours circulating about its existence.

Until then though, you can try to make do with Dead By Daylight, the 1 vs. 4 multiplayer game that has already played host to a number of famous movie monsters from the likes of Halloween, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and A Nightmare on Elm Street.

The Silent Hill expansion is due next month and will feature Pyramid Head, Cheryl Mason (aka Heather from Silent Hill 3), and the Midwich Elementary School.

Dead By Daylight works not dissimilarly to the Friday The 13th game in that one person plays as the monster and the others have to escape.

Although most of its expansions have dealt with movie characters Left 4 Dead has also been featured in DLC, so this wouldn’t be the first cameo from a rival video game series.

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The Silent Hill expansion will be released on 16 June for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC.

The price hasn’t been confirmed yet but judging by previous expansions it’ll probably be between £6.49 and £9.49.

In its way you could even say it adds further legitimacy to the rumours of a new game, at least in terms of it being proof that Konami still remembers the series and, to some degree at least, cares about keeping its name out there.

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