Street Fighter 5 gets Season 5 with 5 new fighters and 3 new stages

Street Fighter 5 – the show goes on (pic: Capcom)

Capcom has announced that support for Street Fighter 5 will continue, with another whole season of content and no sign of Street Fighter 6.

They always said that Street Fighter 5 would last the entire generation and it looks like Capcom weren’t lying, as they announce that Season 5 will start this summer.

As a result, the game will gain five new fighters and three new stages. They haven’t said what any of them are yet but based on previous seasons it’ll probably be a mix of veteran characters and deep dives from Capcom’s back catalogue of fighters.

‘Due to the positive reception to Season 4 and Champion Edition, we are planning to do a final Season ‘V’’, says a note on Capcom’s website. ‘We’ll be back later this summer to share more details regarding the new content’.

With the current generation coming to an end, and with Street Fighter 5 being a PlayStation console exclusive, there’s been increasing speculation as to whether there might be an announcement for Street Fighter 6 in the offing.

Given Street Fighter 5’s difficult first few years it’s hard to guess what form any sequel would take, or how it would seek to differentiate itself from the last two games, but fan demand is certainly still there.

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Street Fighter 5 gets Season 5 with 5 new fighters and 3 new stages

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Speaking of fans, Capcom is currently running an art competition to design your own costume for one of the current characters and have it turned into actual DLC for the game.

You’ve got till 21 July to come up with a winning design, with two winners due to be selected after that time. Presumably their costumes will then become part of Season 5 itself.

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