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Travis Scott generously gifts fans with $100,000: ‘I decided to unload my bank account’

Travis Scott spread his wealth on social media (Photo: Jerritt Clark/Getty) Travis Scott is celebrating the success of his album ASTROWORLD by giving a little something back to his fans. The Houston rapper announced he was going to gift supporters $100,000 (£79,000) – all they had to do was tweet the lyrics of their favourite song of the album. He tweeted: ‘SO I KNOW ITS HARD FOR THE KIDS SO I DECIDED TO UNLOAD MY BANK ACCOUNT ON U GUYS. ‘IM BUSTING DOWN $100,000 AND GIVING AWAY TO ANY FANS THAT CAN TWEET ME THERE CASH TAG WITH LYRICS FROM ASTRO. GANG!!’ Hundreds of fans tweeted the rapper (Photo: Scott Garfitt/REX/Shutterstock) After being inundated with tweets, Travis proved to be a man of his word and began sending fans sums of up to $1000 (£800) through the Cash App. Among those grateful strangers he helped was a film student, an aspiring Space Force employee, and gave $800 (£600) to a son who was preparing for his mother’s funeral. HEY I DROP U OFF SOMETHING HOPE TO SEE U IN..

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