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Celebrity Big Brother’s Dan Osborne accused of being disrespectful to wife Jacqueline Jossa by getting ‘too close’ to Gabby Allen

Dan and Gabby were sat ‘too close’ according to come fans (Picture: Channel 5) Celebrity Big Brother’s Dan Osborne has been accused of being ‘disrespectful’ after seemingly getting cosy with Gabby Allen in the CBB house. Dan is currently separated from wife Jacqueline Jossa, and was accused of cheating with Gabby Allen after they were spotted hanging out on a yacht together. Despite them both denying anything happened, the ex Towie lad has been hit with claims of being disrespectful to his wife by getting close with Gabby in the house. Fans took to Twitter to say they ‘felt sorry’ for Jacqueline – who recently gave birth to her and Dan’s second daughter – and slammed Dan for ‘mad disrespect.’ Feel like Dan and Gabby would happily get it on in there but Gabby won’t coz of Jacqueline but Dan don’t give a fuck. Mannnn I hate watching this #cbb — Zoe Earl (@zoeoliviaxx) August 19, 2018 I fully believed nothing happened between Dan & Gabby. But after watching last nights big brother I..

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Celebrity Big Brother’s Kirstie Alley accused of using show to recruit Scientology members: ‘Something interesting might happen’

Why has Kirstie Alley signed up for CBB? (Picture: PA) Celebrity Big Brother is about to welcome one of its biggest housemates to date tomorrow, but why has the once Hollywood A-lister, Kirstie Alley, signed up to a flailing Channel 5 reality TV series? Alley is arguably just as famous these days as one of the celebrity faces of Scientology than she is for her acting career, and now critics of the controversial church have accused the Cheers star of using her time in CBB to recruit wealthy residents of the Borehamwood bungalow to join her religion. Tony Ortega, editor of anti-Scientology blog The Underground Bunker, has also suggested the 1980s pin-up may have been getting tips from Scientology leader, David Miscavige. ‘I think it’s quite possible that she will get some instruction from David Miscavige about what he’d like to see her say or do on the show,’ Ortega began. ‘And if she does try to recruit someone on the show, it will no doubt be a disaster – and perhaps a ratings coup...

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‘I’m 100% myself’: Laura Anderson hits back as she’s accused of morphing into Olivia Attwood

Spot the difference (Picture: ITV) There’s always a few doppelgangers in the Love Island villa – Kendall Rae-Knight was a ringer for former islander Kady McDermott, while Megan Barton-Hanson is the spit of Margot Robbie. But the similarities between Laura Anderson and Olivia Attwood have fans a bit freaked out. A new Instagram picture from Laura, 29, had everyone saying that she’s morphing into series three islander Liv. The Scottish reality star, who came second in Love Island 2018 with Paul Knops, posted a photo promoting Boux Avenue pyjamas from her bedroom. Laura knelt on her bed wearing the pink and grey pyjama set and a pair of black-framed glasses, while her hair was tied in a high ponytail. And fans couldn’t help but notice that Laura was the spitting image of Olivia – in fact, Liv posted a very similar picture back in February to Instagram. One of Laura’s followers commented: ‘Soz is that Olivia’, while another wrote: ‘Omg I thought this was liv, I didn’t even realise.’..

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Kendall Jenner accused of fleeing restaurant after ‘pet Doberman bit a little girl’

Kendall Jenner has been accused of fleeing the scene (Picture: Instagram/Getty) Kendall Jenner has been accused of fleeing the scene after her pet dog reportedly bit a little girl. Kendall was allegedly enjoying brunch with beau Ben Simmons at Beverly Glen Deli in Los Angeles on Sunday morning when her Doberman nipped the little girl. Although it has been claimed the young girl was not injured and deli staff ‘simply administered ice from inside for her injury’, it has now been alleged that Kendall hastily left the restaurant, leaving money for their meal on the table. TMZ say that as a result the young girl’s mother then called 911 who have referred the call to Animal Control. Metro.co.uk has contacted reps for Kendall for comment. Kendall has had the pooch for several months, and in May shared an Instagram post of the dog with a caption that simply read: ‘cute but she’ll rip your face off.’ In a second video shared on the site, the dog can be heard barking; Kendall captioned t..

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YouTubers apologise after being accused of racism for video on ‘dangerous areas in London’

YouTubers Being British accused of racism (Picture: YouTube) Youtubers Joel & Lia, owners of the Being British channel, have posted an apology after causing an uproar with their recent upload Which ares of London are Dangerous? The video saw them claiming areas of London with a higher percentage of Black, Asian and minority ethnic residents made them feel unsafe, while making disparaging and seemingly racist comments. The pair were heavily criticised for the footage, which at one point saw them say they had come to realise people with head scarves are ‘just normal people,’ and telling viewers they felt areas like New Cross and Lewisham were unsafe, joking that they would be robbed of their Macbooks. They were further criticised when they removed the video from their channel. Joel and Lia have since taken to Twitter to apologise for the tone deaf video. ‘As some of you may be aware, we posted a video about a month ago titled ‘Which areas of London are Dangerous?’ after many of our ..

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Former Decan judge accused of abuse of office is released, her son is found guilty

The judges panel reading the verdict. | Photo: BIRNThe Court in Ferizaj freed former judge Safete Tolaj from all charges of abuse of office on Friday. According to the verdict the court announced on Friday, the State Prosecutor failed to prove the allegation that former Judge Tolaj, who resigned her post in November, had abused her office. Judge Tolaj was indicted of abuse of office last year, after BIRN’s Drejtesia ne Kosove programme aired footage of her son, Fisnik Tolaj, receiving a bribe in exchange of influencing judicial proceedings. Fisnik, who faced charges of fraud, exertion of influence, forgery and illegal possession, and use of weapons, was found guilty on all charges and has been sentenced to 4 years and 6 months in prison. The third defendant on the case, the police officer Granit Shehaj was also found not guilty on allegations of abuse of office, since according to the verdict, the prosecution also failed to prove that Shehaj exercised influence by abusing his posit..

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