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Licence to thrill: Adrenaline and after-hours fun at Europe’s fanciest theme park

Europa Park in Germany has all the rides for the daytime then luxury rooms to relax in by night A trip to the theme park this summer doesn’t have to be dominated by greasy burgers, scruffy fun fair rides and a night at a Fawlty Towers style B&B with a leaking roof. Europa-Park has upped the theme park ante by offering a more refined way to do things. The German theme park has pioneered an upper class experience which revolves around premium hotels, fine dining, wellness and the kind of smiling, seamless organisation that you would expect from our Teutonic friends. So you can hit the park during the day, riding on their dozens of roller coasters and thrill rides and chill out in luxury at night. Europa-Park’s hero rides include the Voletarium (which sounds a bit like Vomitorium and might be best before lunch…), Arthur and Atlantica Supersplash. There’s a 4D Magic Cinema, Monorail, African Queen Boat Ride, a Scenic Train, and the Blue Fire Megacoaster – which goes from 0 to 100 kmh i..

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