The Weirdest College Scholarships

College is quite costly so it makes sense everyone is looking to get a scholarship. The competition has never been fiercer, making it quite tough to score some free money these days. We’ve compiled a list of the oddest college scholarships out there. Hey, when money’s tight you do what you gotta do!

The Weirdest College Scholarships

The Odd List

A) Asparagus Club Scholarship ($8k): The Asparagus Club Scholarship is for students who are earning a degree in food management or business with a desire to work in the independent retail grocery industry.

B) Chick & Sophie Major Memorial Duck Calling Contest ($2k): Each year, Chick and Sophie Major award the winner of the World’s Champion Duck Calling competition a $2,000 college scholarship.

C) Doodle 4 Google Competition ($30k): Google awards one student a $30,000 college scholarship for creating the best Google Doodle based on kindness. The recipient also receives a $50,000 technology package for a non-profit or their school, Google hardware, Google swag and a trip to Google headquarters in California.

D) Ludo Frevel Crystallography Scholarship: The Ludo Frevel Scholarship is awarded to a Graduate student interested in crystallography-related fields.

E) National Potato Council Scholarship ($10k): This $10,000 scholarship is awarded to a graduate student impacting the potato industry. The winner’s research is expected to benefit the U.S. potato industry.

F) Stuck At Prom Scholarship ($10k): Duck Brand’s Duck Tape awards students a $10,000 scholarship for constructing the most outrageous prom fashion. A prom dress or tuxedo must be crafted solely out of Duck Tape.

G) Tall Clubs International Student Scholarship ($1k): Anyone under 21 years of age who is a 5’10” woman or 6’2″ man qualifies as a TCI member. Applicants must be this height barefoot, not while wearing shoes. This is only for first-year students. Winners must also be sponsored by a local Tall Club member.

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