Ultimate Desk Hacks To Trick-Yourself Awake At Work

Desk Hacks

Working 9-5 is tough! The struggle is real, whether you’ve had a full night’s sleep or not. It could happen if you’ve overloaded with carbs at lunch or are feeling the crash after a coffee-high, but there’s nothing worse than THAT feeling. So, if you’re sitting at your desk, feeling your eyelids fluttering, your head swaying back and forth, and trying everything you possibly can not to fall into the keyboard, we feel your pain. Whilst most of us can’t afford the luxury of a desk nap, or a lunch nap, we need a go-to solution for our work slumber. So, here are the ultimate desk hacks to help you stay alert and stop your work-doze.


If you’re willing to do anything to trick-yourself awake, then some of these proven hacks will surprise you! First take ten deep breaths to energize your body. Then chew gum to stimulate your facial muscles and increase the blood flow to the head. Remember to sit up straight as your posture can boost your energy levels. If you find some peppermint oil and sniff it, the aroma will naturally improve your energy, clarity, focus and concentration. You can also make eye-contact or talk to people, as we bounce of other people’s energies. Next, get up, walk to the bathroom or get some fresh air, to come back refreshed and feeling more productive.

Remember To Hydrate

Whilst coffee is life and most people’s go-to drink, it actually increases your heart rate and you might feel a crash when the feeling wears off. So this is where that magical and often under-rated drink, water can come to the rescue. Water will help keep you hydrated and help boost your alertness. You can also splash some cold water on your face to give your body a wake up-jolt. If you’re still craving some caffeine, then green tea is another option. Loaded with antioxidants, green tea has less caffeine than coffee, but will help keep you hydrated and you won’t have a comedown, like coffee. If all else fails then you can always combine these with coffee too!

Good Snacks

If you still feel yourself fading, then choosing the right snacks can naturally give you the energy-boost you need. Most of us naturally choose unhealthy snacks for a quick sugar-high, but then crash and burn. Instead, choose slow-releasing energy foods like avocado, salmon, leafy greens, eggs or whole grains. You can also keep a stash of healthy nuts like almonds or walnuts in your desk. Another top tip is to try oats, granola, bran cereal or peanut butter with a banana. Come to think of it, fruits are a great energy-bursting and immune-boosting choice. Citrus fruits like oranges or pineapple are packed with vitamin C that boost your glucose levels but won’t let you crash. If all else fails, then a small cube of dark chocolate can help give you the caffeine-kick you need.

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