Doctor Who’s Mandip Gill teases ‘brilliant’ return of the Daleks in 2020 special: ‘They never get old’

Phillip Schofield gets grilling at family barbecue with wife Steph and daughters Molly and RubyMandip Gill has teased the ‘brilliant’ return of the Daleks (Picture: BBC)

Doctor Who star Mandip Gill has teased the ‘brilliant’ return of the Daleks in the 2020 festive special.

It was announced earlier this year that the pepper-pot monsters would be returning to the sci-fi series in Revolution of the Daleks.

Now, star Mandip Gil – who plays companion Yaz – has said that the return of the Doctor’s (Jodie Whittaker) old enemies will not disappoint.

‘Oh, it’s brilliant! They never get old,’ she revealed. ‘And it seems so long ago that we did the last one [2019’s Resolution].

‘Working with iconic monsters and whatnot, that people associate with Doctor Who, makes you feel more cemented in the series.

‘When we work with things like Cybermen, John Barrowman, the Daleks, the Judoon… you feel like you’re now properly part of the Doctor Who family.’

Phillip Schofield gets grilling at family barbecue with wife Steph and daughters Molly and RubyThe Daleks will return in Revolution of the Daleks (Picture: BBC)

And don’t worry about the special being postponed, like a lot of other shows, due to the coronavirus pandemic – the special has already been filmed.

It was also recently revealed that former Doctor Who boss Steven Moffat actually made a mistake during his tenure as head writer.

Taking to Twitter, Moffat joked that he made the error because he was ‘drunk on power.’

‘”Fear makes companions of all of us!” The very first time the Doctor is nice to anyone in Doctor Who, those are his words (we had to wait till ep 3.)

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Doctor Who's Mandip Gill teases 'brilliant' return of Daleks in 2020 festive special

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He continued: ‘And in fact, I misquoted the line. Hartnell says “of all of us” and Jenna says “of us all.”

‘Knew it was wrong, but couldn’t let go of the way I’d misremembered it for so long. Like, was the DG [sic] gonna fine me cos I misquoted Hartnell. Drunk with power, I was.’

This isn’t the first time the Sherlock scribe has opened up about behind-the-scenes secrets turning his tenure of writing for the show – previously teasing fans that in one particular David Tennant two-parter, there is a secret, hidden future incarnation of the Doctor.

Doctor Who returns to BBC One later this year.

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