Iceland volcano live: Experts reveal where volcanic eruptions are ‘most likely’ to occur

A town of 3,600 people has already sunk three feet into the ground.

Iceland volcano live: Experts reveal where volcanic eruptions are ‘most likely’ to occur
A police officer stands by the crack in a road in the fishing town of Grindavik, which was evacuated due to volcanic activity, in Iceland November 15, 2023.
Experts have warned that an eruption could happen very suddenly over the next couple of days (Picture: Reuters)

Iceland has been warned that the eruption of the Fagradalsfjall volcano on the island’s south west Reykjanes Peninsula could happen ‘without notice’.

It comes as experts believe Hagafell could be the most likely location of a potential volcanic eruption because of large magma intrusion movements there.

Travel advice from the UK foreign office remains unchanged since seismic activity began on Saturday, despite experts warning that the volcano could erupt at any time.

The Icelandic Met Office has recorded around 470 earthquakes since midnight, the largest of which was recorded at 06.15am this morning in Hagafell and had a magnitude of 2.2.

Travellers are advised to check local media for updates, and follow the advice of local authorities, on whether to travel to the area.

Grindavik, is home to 3,600 people, and models show a 15-km long magma intrusion, located just northwest of the town.

It is estimated the intrusion is propagating upwards slowly, with magma thought to be 800m, or higher, beneath the surface.

One of Iceland’s biggest bulldozers has been wrangled to help build several kilometres-long walls around infrastructure to protect it from lava flow.

Experts told any eruption could last for weeks or even months.