Kosovo is waiting for the emissaries' messages about the way forward

Kosovo is waiting for the emissaries' messages about the way forward

Prepared by: Fatlum Jashari

On the eve of the visit to Pristina of the five emissaries for the dialogue, the Government has not confirmed whether its position of not going to the dialogue until the international punishment of Serbia is final or not.

Kosovo hopes, that on Saturday, from the emissaries representing the EU, the USA, Germany, France and Italy, to receive commitments and guarantees for this, as well as the change of the international approach towards Serbia, after September 24.

Although they appreciate the terrorist-paramilitary attack in Banjska as a point of change, the opinionists emphasize that the dialogue is non-alternative.

"It is a fair position of the Government of Kosovo, but the Government should not be seen as guilty, as an obstacle to the dialogue, because at a certain stage we were seen (as such) and for this we are sanctioned. If we lose this opportunity, the position we won on September 24, then there is a risk that we will be punished even more, among other things it is known that the punitive measures will have their effects in 2024, if they continue until next year, then we may lose 500 million euros of EU funds", said Bekim Kabashi, an opinion columnist.

In addition to the finding that September 24 revealed the true face of the president of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, columnist Fitim Mulolli emphasizes that Kosovo should not give up dialogue, but build arguments on the act of aggression in Banjska.

"The event of September 24 does not relieve Kosovo of its obligations to implement the agreements, because such an impression has been created in the public and we have often seen it among government and political officials. We need good tact, to reconfirm our readiness for cooperation and dialogue, but on the other hand, to have very harsh measures against Serbia and to review the position of the entire international community in front of Serbia, after September 24", said Mulolli.

A scenario of disagreement on the continuation of the dialogue, according to Kabashi, risks introducing the process into a cycle of new delays in which Serbia is interested.

"I think that the announcement of the elections is not accidental, because there is a purpose, a tendency to prolong, not to give a clear definition to the dialogue, that is, the process for the normalization of Kosovo-Serbia relations. This is Serbia's first interest, the cause of the war in Ukraine, where Serbia is waiting to find out how it ends, then to act with Kosovo", Kabashi said.

In addition to the request for actions within weeks to implement the Brussels agreement and the Ohrid annex, from Kosovo and Serbia, on Tuesday, the president of France, Emmanuel Macron, listed in order the actions that, according to him, should be taken.