Rogue referee stabs footballer during Sunday league scuffle

It is unknown why the ref was carrying a knife or what prompted him to stab the midfielder.

Rogue referee stabs footballer during Sunday league scuffle

This is the gobsmacking moment a football referee pulls a knife during a match and stabs a player in an on-pitch scuffle.

Phone footage shot by an astonished spectator shows how players from both teams rampaged around the ref on the pitch in the town of Scholler, on the outskirts of the city of Eldorado, in the province of Misiones, in Argentina, on the afternoon of Saturday, 2nd December.

But as one player begins shoving the official, he lashes out with the blade, slamming it into the player’s chest.

Shocked spectators gasp as the player staggers and then starts to fall before other team members carry him off the pitch.

The rogue ref stabbed a player in the knee during a mid-game scuffle (Picture: CEN)
The rogue ref stabbed a player in the knee during a mid-game scuffle (Picture: CEN)

Meanwhile, the ref, wearing a black strip and a white cap, jogs off the other way as the footage ends.

Local media later named the stabbed 21-year-old player only as Kevin A. who was rushed to hospital with a punctured lung.

The rogue ref was named as 62-year-old Remigio Armoa.

The player’s uncle, who has not been named, told local media: ‘Kevin is miraculously alive.

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‘For the family, it is a very delicate moment because he is the Messi of the family.

‘He is a boy well gifted for football, thank God he had the opportunity to be in a club like Chacarita.’

The police later arrested Armoa and seized the knife used to attack the player.

It is currently unclear what caused the violent outburst.

The investigation is ongoing.

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