‘Squeamish’ dad refuses to cut umbilical cord despite dealing with ‘blood and guts’ every day

A nervous father-to-be has been praised for refusing to cut his baby’s umbilical cord.

‘Squeamish’ dad refuses to cut umbilical cord despite dealing with ‘blood and guts’ every day
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The couple discussed their birth plans early on (Picture: Getty Images)

A nervous father-to-be has said he won’t cut his baby’s umbilical cord – despite being a first responder who deals with ‘blood and guts every day’.

The man and his wife discussed their birth plans early on in her pregnancy, and he explained he didn’t want to cut the cord.

‘I know it’s just me and that I’m making it weird, but I find it really squeamish to cut into human flesh,’ he wrote on a Reddit post.

‘It seems like a medical procedure and I’m REALLY uncomfortable with it.’

Perhaps confusingly, he added that he’s a ‘first responder’ – someone who is typically on the scene first in an emergency situation, including paramedics, police and firemen.

‘I am a first responder so I’ve seen every kind of gore you can think of. Blood, guts, screaming etc. I am used to these things’, he added.

‘The squeamishness is only about the cutting.’

While his wife initially accepted his decision, she’s now raised the subject again.

‘Now the big day is upon us, my wife has pressed the issue again,’ he wrote. ‘I told her I want to be involved in every way I can, including catching the baby and handing him or her (we don’t know the sex) to their new mum.

‘I feel that my wife has a Hollywood idea of birth, including that I cut the cord. She also wants me to get in the shower with her and rub her back during labour, which she saw on a Netflix show.

‘I’ve asked why the cord is so important to her and she couldn’t say.’

The comments were largely sympathetic towards the dad-to-be, with one saying simply: ‘Why make life more uncomfortable than it needs to be?’

Other mums chimed in, saying their partner’s didn’t cut the cord – and they were fine with it.

‘My husband was squeamish about it too and didn’t cut the cord,’ wrote one woman. ‘I still felt like he advocated for me, protected me, encouraged me every step of the way and overall was an active partner’

Another said: ‘My husband never cut the cord with our two boys and I don’t care.’

An ex-midwife also weighed in, an attempt to calm the poster’s nerves, describing the umbilical cord as ‘more like rubber hoses’ than human flesh.

‘The delivering provider will clamp the cord in two places and you’ll cut between it, and it won’t be super close to baby’, they wrote.

Others added that it’s perhaps best to leave the subject well alone.

‘I wouldn’t argue about this with your (very pregnant!) wife if you don’t have to – you know her wishes, she knows yours. No need to debate it.’

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