The Ministry of Agriculture will have a new facility in Kosovo

The Ministry of Agriculture will have a new facility in Kosovo

The Ministry of Agriculture, maybe not for too long, will pay rent for the facility it currently uses.

This ministry will have its facility on its own land.

As the television finds out, the contract has already been signed with the designer for the construction of the facility, as an initial phase that paves the way for tendering for bidding companies.

In fact, the Ministry already had this plan since the beginning of the year had a full 1 million euros available for this project, but has not yet spent a single cent.

However, the location where the construction of the new facility of the Ministry is already expected to start is the place known as the economic zone.

However, along this road there are a number of buildings built in the property of this ministry, but none of them will be used as a facility of the Ministry, even though the Ministry has requested their release as soon as possible.

"It is a large number, some are buildings, some are land, and some are built premises, a significant number of them are on the Pristina-Fushë-Kosovo road. We as the Minister are on rent, while our assets are used by certain interest groups, who we do not know who they are", said the Minister of Agriculture, Faton Peci.

Meanwhile, as long as they stay in the current facility, this Ministry will continue to pay a lot of money for rent.

The space that is in use is 1560 square meters, while the payment per square meter is calculated to be around 18 euros, or 28 thousand euros monthly rent.

Meanwhile, for one year, the Ministry of Agriculture is estimated to pay around 337,000 euros for rent alone.