Tom Hanks is back to donate two more bags of plasma after recovering from coronavirus

Tom Hanks is donating more plasma after recovering from coronavirus

Tom Hanks has been donating more plasma, after recovering from coronavirus.

The Hollywood star, 63, and his wife Rita Wilson both tested positive for Covid-19 back in March, while Tom was filming over in Australia for a new Elvis Presley biopic.

Tom had shared his diagnosis on social media with fans and kept his followers updated as he battled the virus.

He and Rita are have now both recovered and are back in the US, with the pair doing everything they can to helping with coronavirus research efforts.

Tom and Rita have donated blood to help with vaccine research, with Tom also donating his plasma (the liquid part of the blood) at the end of April, after being told he may carry coronavirus antibodies.

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And, continuing with his efforts, Tom revealed on Wednesday that he had been back to donate yet more plasma – in fact, two bags full.

Taking to Instagram, Tom shared a series of snaps (soz, if you’re a little squeamish) of him donating his fluids and added the caption: ‘Plasmatic on 3! 1,2,3 PLASMATIC! Hanx.’

He and Rita, also 63, were the first celebrities to reveal they had tested positive for coronavirus and have since shared their experience of the infection.

Speaking to Health magazine, Rita opened up about her ‘strange’ coronavirus diagnosis.

She said: ‘You always think that bad things happen to other people— until it happens to you, and you realise you’re not immune to it.

Tom and his wife Rita were the first celebrities to test positive for coronavirus (Picture: Getty)

‘It was similar with my breast cancer diagnosis. While all this was going on, I actually said to Tom, “Before breast cancer, it was a thing that was sort of in the distance or something that happens to other people.”

‘And then I said, “But I don’t feel that way anymore. I mean, who’s to say we won’t get [Covid-19]?” And then we got it. It was so strange.’

Rita, known for roles in Sleepless in Seattle, Jingle All The Way and TV series The Good Wife, was diagnosed with breast cancer in early 2015.

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Tom Hanks is back donating more bags of plasma after recovering from coronavirus

She underwent a double mastectomy one month after her diagnosis and announced her full recovery later that year.

Worldwide there are now more than 5.64million cases of coronavirus, with the US recording more than 1.7million confirmed cases.

Deaths in the US have now reached over 100,000, but it’s reported the country’s epicentre for the virus, New York state, has seen cases and deaths fall in recent weeks.

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