Without a quorum, PDK's resolution on the police fails

Without a quorum, PDK's resolution on the police fails

The resolution for the Kosovo Police proposed by the PDK, through which the payment of risk allowances, the payment of health insurance, as well as early retirement for police officers is required, was again not put to a vote in the Assembly of Kosovo.

For the second time in a row that this point was on the agenda, the deputies of the Vetëvendosje Movement and members of the government cabinet were not present at all in the hall, making it impossible for the quorum to vote on the proposal-resolution.

After the discussion about this resolution, in the second session which was regular, the deputies of the government came to the hall.

In this session as well, addition-amendment of the agenda was requested, in order to enable the resolution to be put to a vote.

"Since the MPs are already in the hall, I propose that the resolution be put to the vote", said PDK MP Rashit Qalaj.

However, again not enough votes were obtained.

32 voted in favor of supplementing and changing the agenda, including the Speaker of the Assembly, Glauk Konjufca, while 38 abstained.

The debate continued on other issues, mainly on the resolution of the European Parliament, which condemns the terrorist attack in Banjska in Zveçan on September 24, as well as on the decision of the president Vjosa Osmani not to appoint Blerim Isufaj as the chief prosecutor of the state, which the opposition called unconstitutional. .