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Acrobatic couple have no regrets after ‘dangerous’ plane stunt

(Picture: @oleg.kolisnichenko.5) A Ukranian couple who were chilling on a beach in the Caribbean island of St Maarten – known for its low-flying aircraft – saw an opportunity and took it. Acrobat Yulia Nos decided to do a handstand with one hand resting on her partner Oleg Kolisnichenko’s head, just as a plane was landing. It seemed Yulia’s feet were just inches away as the cargo plane passed overhead to make its landing at Princess Juliana International Airport. But no one was impressed by the stunt. Unforgiving users wrote ‘stupidity at its finest,’ and that ‘this beach is at risk of being shut down because of brainless antics like this’ on Oleg’s Instagram. Most worried that Yulia could’ve hurt herself or endangered the lives of those on the plane. But the couple is paying no mind to the haters, Oleg told Metro.co.uk. ‘Neither of us knew that one year after we visited Maho beach and took this photo, we would become so popular. ‘Naturally, there’s a lot of criticism, but we t..

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